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… they have always and continue lying …: so it can be assumed that only an idiot goes on believing them …: so the question is …: What might be the future of a state run by a vassal government of a terror empire?

… they have always and continue lying …: so ist can bei assumed
that only an idiot goes on believing them …:

[…] Late that evening, the US Senate approved the Iraq War Resolution by a vote of 77-23, with all Republicans voting “yes.” Noteworthy Democratic votes for the Iraq War Resolution included Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Harkin and Kerry, all of whom were past or future presidential candidates. […]

On October 16, 2002, flanked by Secretary of State Powell and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, President Bush signed the resolution into law, with then senator and future president, Joe Biden, standing close by.

Thus as the United States began preparing to use the full might of its military against Iraq, a horrific realization settled into my heart that the lives of millions of innocent Iraqis were being put at risk, based on fiction promoted by the White House, proliferated by the media and swallowed whole by most congressional leaders. America’s sons and daughters were going to be sent abroad to kill or be killed in pursuit of a mission that was not supported by intelligence agencies and despite easily ascertainable facts and common sense. […]


[…] In October of 2006, an article in Lancet stated that 654,965 had already died as a result of the war. In January 2008, Reuters reported that one of Britain’s leading polling groups set the total of Iraqi deaths attributable to the war at slightly over a million people.

Numbers do not adequately communicate the depth of human suffering, but scale is instructive. Iraq, then a nation of 27 million people, suffered a million dead, millions injured and at least one million children orphaned and 4 million people  displaced.

The war against the Iraqis was a criminal act of immense proportions. U.S. political leaders, and their complicit media counterparts, have been shielded from domestic and international courts for their actions that resulted in the mass deaths of innocent people.

In a just world, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and a long list of US government officials and their propagandists would be held accountable to both national and international law.

Think about this: If a comparable disaster had been visited upon the United States, then a nation of 290 million, we would have proportionally recorded 11 million dead, tens of millions injured, at least 11 million orphans, 44 million displaced. Would we have demanded justice?

The Bush Administration, their ideological retainers and supporters in the media, sent nearly 5,000 America soldiers to their deaths, and left tens of thousands permanently injured. […]

The war’s dark legacy continues. The Iraq High Commission for Human Rights reported in December 2021 that there were 5 million orphaned children in Iraq and 4.5 million children in families living below the poverty line, with a million child laborers.

Consider the extraordinary level of deprivation experienced by the Iraqi people, without clean water, access to food, health care, their homes and places of work destroyed, schools laid waste, the wholesale destruction of infrastructure. Iraqis were, in a turn of a phrase from Winston Churchill, ‘stripped bare, with the curse of nothingness.’ This was no natural disaster. This was made by the American government and paid for by American taxpayers.


As a result of the War upon Iraq, America shifted its priorities ever more firmly to conquest. The constitutional doctrine of separation of powers has been shredded, establishing an imperial executive. The government has shifted the resources of our country away from a domestic agenda to a war-fighting mode. It has ever more firmly entrenched the military-industrial complex in the affairs of the nation.

The war against Iraq legitimized conquest for resources such as oil. It has set the very finances of our nation upon the precipice of unsustainable debt. It established the assassination of foreign leaders as a U.S. government policy. It normalized the use of depleted uranium munitions creating multi-generational birth defects. It has further energized a culture of violence and polarization.


Imagine Iraq as a trial run for the next war; for ever-expanding military budgets, impunity from international trial; for media manipulation that makes the public fearful enough to accept their own economic demise in exchange for a false sense of security through militarism.

These individuals were members of the bi-partisan consensus that promoted the Iraq War: Then-Senator Joe Biden, Democratic Staff Director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Antony Blinken, and U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, Victoria Nuland, were themselves promoted politically, to positions of greater influence where they could wreak even greater havoc upon the world.

These same individuals, Vice-President Biden, Deputy National Security Advisor, Blinken and assistant Secretary of State, Nuland, were joined by Hillary Clinton acolyte Jake Sullivan  (Vice President Biden’s National Security Adviser in 2013), to engineer the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014, and the subsequent sacrificing of Ukrainians in the U.S. proxy war with Russia.

It is critical to remember that in 2013, then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, rejected a NATO-inspired military agreement, in the guise of economic reform and EU association, that was aimed at severing Ukraine’s connections with Russia, and advancing a western geo-political agenda.

The West exploited the desperation of Ukrainians whose average monthly minimum wage was then about  $150, violently propelled protests with the help of Right Sector and Svoboda parties, and ousted Yanukovych in a pro-western coup. Ukrainians thus became pawns in an international power struggle catalyzed with the help of Biden, Blinken, Nuland and Sullivan.

Now, in the White House and suspected of colluding to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines, President Biden, National Security Adviser Sullivan, Secretary of State Blinken and Undersecretary of State Nuland are positioning the U.S. to pivot from the proxy war with Russia.

Ukraine will be abandoned so the U.S. can prepare for war with China by 2025.  This dangerous brinkmanship is supported by both parties in Congress, the media and so-called think tanks cashing in from military build-ups and unnecessarily created conflict.

How do we, as a nation, recover from the heinous deeds committed in our name against the people of Iraq? How do we stop government leaders from lying to us and the media, to stoke and to incite wider and wider wars?

The people who led us into the Iraq War must be held accountable. We must teach the real history of the Iraq war, the deceptions and propaganda a complicit media communicated unquestioningly to the American people.

The media must question the government’s current policies and not swallow sensational stories that government officials peddle for their own narrow, venal concerns.  We need a return to investigative journalism, where the media properly holds government to account, instead of being compliant spear-carriers. […]


… so the question is …: What might bei the future of a state
run by a vassal government of this terror empire?

Russland, die Ukraine und der „Westen“ seit dem Ende des Kalten Krieges. _ Teil I: Eine rückblickende Betrachtung.

Vor dem Hintergrund, daß in der Jelzin-Ära (1991-1999) zu Macht und Reichtum kommen konnten Figuren wie ein Michail Borissowitsch Chodorkowski, indem sie sich mit politischer Unterstützung bedienten aus dem Vermögen Rußlands  und dann den Ausverkauf der Schätze des Landes an Konzerne des „Westens“ vorbereiteten, dem erst in der ersten Präsidentschaft Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putins (geb. 1952) ein Ende bereitet worden ist (vgl. zu diesem Thema z.B. den Artikel von Jens Berger: „Guter Oligarch, böser Putin), und das richtigstellend zu erwähnen, macht mich übrigens nicht zum Putin-Versteher, lasse man vor diesem Hintergrund also in großen Zügen kurz Revue passieren, was seit dem Ende des Kalten Krieges  vom „Westen“  mit einer gewissen planerischen Absicht initiiert wurde um Rußland herum, und als deren Fortsetzung zu verstehen ist […]

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