The_Hallowed_Power_Game _ Das_Weihmacht-Spiel _ Le_Jeu_des_Pouvoirs_Sanctifiés

Again from 1 to 31 December 2019

« The Hallowed Power Game _Das Weihmacht_Spiel _ Le Jeu des Pouvoirs Sanctifiés »

in English, German and French on the main features of a play acted on the stage of reality directed by the power elites of the national states — whenever necessary.

In fact, this sketch is hardly elite-shattering … But why? Is it because its subject is unimportant? Anything but that, whereas the reason is in the fact that the masse of the bourgeois intellectuals, meaning the so-called “elite” of a national state function to the rules according to the requirements of the power elite of each national state. Thus these intellectuals, eagerly to build their careers in a system ruled this way are well aware of the necessity to tell the ordinary people to accept societal conditions that are against their interests but in favour of those intellectuals as the acting tools of the power elites. So that is the real reason for its negligibleness but it is not the lack of veracity of its truth content. Consequently, the fact that it is hardly world-shattering is exactly due to the difference between the real mode of thinking of _those_ intellectuals and of _mine_.

Thus this sketch is bestowed to these intellectuals who will never feel the need to reflect on the topic of this sketch — for without them it might not be performed in reality.

. . . from 1 to 31 December 2018: 
. . . every day from 8 pm to 9 pm
(__. . . seriously presented by Anubis the K9 of the Sophia__)
k9-anubis-11-5-stage-door  _The Hallowed Power Game_

. . . as the appropriate attunement for the coming
events as the result of fundamentally wrong politics

k9-anubis-11-5-stage-door _Das Weihmacht_Spiel_

. . . zur angemessenen Einstimmung auf die kommenden
Ereignisse einer fundamental falschen Politik

k9-anubis-11-5-stage-door  _Le Jeu des Pouvoirs Sanctifiés_

. . . à titre de préparation convenable aux
événements qui viendront comme
résultat d’une politique foncièrement fausse

© Joachim Endemann (__EndemannVerlag__)